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HIP-PEA HENS Corn and Soy Free Layer Blend

Size: 50 LB Bag

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Made without corn and soy, this innovative formula provides ample nutrition for your layer hens while using only simple, all-natural, non-gmo ingredients. We combine wholesome grains like soft white wheat and barley, with a custom-made, pea protein-based pellet. This unique combination will keep your flock healthy, happy, and productive while giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you're feeding your chickens and your family. 

  • High-quality whole grain ingredients provide high-energy nutrition to your flock. 
  • Added enzymes and probiotics optimize the digestibility for higher egg production and better overall health.

Disclaimer: HIP-PEA HENS is not an organic product, and Leland Mills makes no assertions or guarantees regarding the absence of herbicides or pesticides in the growing process of its ingredients. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Carrie Rowley

My goodness this chicken feed is fabulous!

Thank you for the glowing review!

Daniel Curtis
Good price on a good product

Good price on a good product. You get a better deal than tractor supply, they are local, and they deliver for a small fee. It’s worth it

Thank you for your review! We are so glad to hear that you're happy with our prices and delivery options. We strive to provide the best value for our customers and are happy to hear that it is appreciated. Thank you for choosing us!

Sara Willis
The Best Chicken Feed!

This is the best, and most reasonable priced soy/corn free chicken feed. I love that its local, delivered to our house, and our girls love it.

Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing our HIP-PEA HENS Corn and Soy Free Layer Blend for your girls. We're thrilled to hear that you and your chickens are loving it. We strive to provide the best quality feed at a reasonable price. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Tyler Janiszewski
Great food!!

I love this feed, and I’m so glad that it’s made local with locally sourced material

Blake Carter
Excellent Service, Quality Products, Competitive Price

Ordered 1/16/24, Delivered 1/19/24
18% Protein Layer Mash × 1 50 lb Bag $16.00
Gallo Pro × 1 50 LB Bag $25.00
Non GMO Layer Blend × 1 50 LB Bag $28.50

Saw Leland truck delivering to neighbor the week before and talked to driver about what he was delivering to their front porch. Later asked neighbor how they found Leland in Spanish Fork. They said blog on Internet. Checked Leland web and decided to order. They sent delivery schedule and I met them with my Dolley. Driver put my 3 bags on Dolley from mandoor of trailer and I rolled it to the shed.

I have 4 feeders so I left some of previous feed in one and put new feed from each bag in other feeders. Kept feed separated to see which they consumed more of. Chickens attacked each of the feeders with new feed and it was gone the next day. They seemed to like all of the varieties.

I told 2 additional neighbors of the quality feed, home delivery, and reasonable prices and they will probably order soon also.

I was interested that Leland did not have pellets available also since I had been feeding about half pellets and half crumbles. I add a handful of oyster shell to each feeder when I add new feed so I plan to try the fine and coarse Calcite with the next order. I will monitor laying quantity and quality of eggs and write another review later.

Hi Blake! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of our HIP-PEA HENS Corn and Soy Free Layer Blend. We are thrilled to hear that you had an excellent experience with our service and products. Our goal is to provide high-quality feed at competitive prices, so we are glad to hear that you found our prices to be reasonable.
We appreciate you sharing your experience with your neighbors and we hope they will also enjoy our feed. We are also happy to hear that your chickens loved all the varieties in our blend.
Thank you again for choosing Leland, we value your satisfaction and loyalty. Have a great day!
Best regards,
The Leland team

Brandon Scott
Great place to get feed

Price are great, their feed is great, and their service is great! What more could you ask for!

Christina Thorn

I’ve loved getting my feed from Leland Mills and love it even more. Owens that they deliver!

Ashlee Wolfe
I love that you offer local delivery

Fast delivery.

cindy percival
Excellent Feed!

Excellent feed and beyond that delivery is outstanding!! Thank you very much!

Robert Beard
Feed right to my door in two days

Love the available delivery for local customers. I had my feed delivered right to my door took out all the stress of going to the feed store. I will definitely be buying from here from now on. My pigs, goats and chickens all love the feed too.


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