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18% Protein Layer Mash for Nationwide Shipping

Size: 45 lb Bag (Ground Shipping only)

Experience a healthy flock like never before! This formula is always made fresh with consistent high-energy ingredients. We never use fillers. The result is a happier healthier flock with more consistent and frequent egg production. Designed to be fed from the onset of the first egg throughout the mature life of the hen. 

  • Crack and compared with store-bought eggs our feed will result in darker yolks, heavier whites, and all together more flavor.
  • Guaranteed Fresh.
  • High-energy ingredients.
  • No antibiotics added, ever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Tammy Checketts

We absolutely love how amazingly fast and perfect our delivery driver got our delivery to our house he was so respectful and professional he went above and beyond to help me thank you for your amazing service and delivery
More than 5 star's

Sterling Lloyd
Great feed, great delivery!

We’ve been doing 18% for 5 months now, and our hens are so happy! I love that we can have this feed delivered, and the overall cost is better than purchasing from the big stores. So happy with this feed!

Joshua Schellenberg

18% Protein Layer Mash for Local Pickup and Delivery

Megan Thomas
It's Amazing!

I have been so impressed with this feed. It's a fantastic price, it gets delivered to my door, and my chickens love it.

Megan Thomas

18% Protein Layer Mash

April McCoy
Best thing I ever did

The best thing I ever did was order from Leland. I live in Salt Lake County. More often than not, I have it delivered. Three 50lbs bags and only $10 for shipping. It's worth it to me, for sure. While I live between two different feed stores, it's more cost efficient for me to have it delivered. It save me gas and my time. It's a win win.
I just started going to Provo a few times a month and I wanted to see their place, so I ordered pick up. It was great. They loaded my three bags in my vehicle for me. Even though I am more than capable of doing this myself, it is great customer service.
The shipping cost is worth it and if I'm in the area, I'll do a pick up to save me the $10. Either way, I am satisfied with all of this.
The cost of the feed is great for what you get. For the mash, I think I paid around $23 for a 50lb bag, 18% protein. You can buy another brand at retailer for around $18, but it's full of crappy crap that you shouldn't be feeding any animal. And no, I am not one of those crazed, "we only eat organic tofu", type around here.
The chickens seem to like it. They are happy little cluckers and that means more eggs for me. Yay, another win. Oddly enough, the egg eater I had randomly stopped when I switched to this feed. It could be the feed, it could be a fluke, it could be that she somehow knew that if she kept doing it that she would become dinner. The timing is ironic.

Shipping is nuts!

Why is shipping a 50 # bag cost $294.0 crazy!!!

David Anderson
Great chicken food.

I have not personally tasted the lay mash, so I guess technically I don't really know how good it is. But my chickens love it and I'll take their word for it. My neighbor feeds his chicken's pellets. They always fly over the fence to my yard. I thought maybe it was to "socialize" with my rooster, he's a handsome fella. But maybe it's because they like lay mash, from Leland Mills more than pellets. Who knows? All I know is that my ladies eat a lot of lay mash and lay a lot of eggs.

Janmarie Smith
Just what it says it was.

Add water and the chickens love it

Becky Hasna
Happy chickens

My chickens love this! I love that it is delivered straight to my door.


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