Rooster Mix for Nationwide Shipping

Size: 45 LB Bag (Ground Shipping only)

Based on popular game cock formulas, chickens can actually benefit from the wide variety of whole grain ingredients and nutritious pellets. This mixture is colorful, nutritious, appealing, and overall a great way to spoil your flock. Consider this to be the ultimate chicken scratch.

  • Promote foraging behavior while delivering more nutrition than a basic chicken scratch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brandi Bianchi
Rooster Mix Smells So Fresh!

For years I have picked up my chicken feed from IFA, but thought I would give Leland Mills a try, because IFA has been so disappointing and confusing lately with their new labeling on the bags and lack of variety. I have repeatedly bought the wrong feed because of it. Then I also found that Leland will deliver to me which is amazing and they communicated so well about my upcoming delivery. I opened the Rooster Mix and was blown away by the amazing fresh smell and great look of the variety of ingredients. My chickens went crazy over it! I am staying a customer with Leland Mills from now on.

Thank you Brandi for your amazing review! We love it so much we're going to use it for a Facebook ad campaign so thank you for helping our business and so glad to hear that your chickens are going crazy over our feed!


Will definitely use this service again. Wish they would have put it in a different place when they delivered it, but it was worth the $10 delivery fee.

Sharon Stirland

The delivery was perfect, and i really like Leland mills chicken feeds 😊

Thank you so much Sharon for your glowing review!

Holly O’Neil
So fresh and clean!

This feed is awesome- my chickens love it! I have been mixing it with their mash. I’m looking forward to my birds being healthy and happy with this combination.
The feed is clean and smells sooo good- no waste or crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Thank you Leland Mills

Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words about our Rooster Mix. We're thrilled to hear that your chickens are loving it and that you have noticed the freshness and cleanliness of the feed. Our goal is to provide high-quality products for happy and healthy birds, so we're glad to hear we're meeting your expectations. Thank you for choosing Leland Mills for your feathered friends. Have a great day!

Amelia Simper
Super great treat!

I mix this food in with the regular layer mash and the chickens go nuts for it! It also works great as an enrichment treat!

Hi there! Thanks for leaving a review for our Rooster Mix. We're so glad to hear that your chickens love it as a treat and enrichment option. It's always great to see our feathered friends enjoying their food. Thank you for choosing our product!

Crystal Wong
Cherry chapstick smell?

This most recent order of Rooster Mix was a little off-putting as the normally lightly fruity smell was multiplied to be overpowering. The birds don’t seem to mind but such a drastic change was unsettling and I would hesitate to order another bag.

L&M Livestock

Service was great. Thanks

Jason Castagno
Rooster mix

This is a great feed and the price is very reasonable.

Jessica Watt
Great Service & Great Feed!

I was there for my first time on Friday. As I was walking towards the doors I was greeted right away by a young man with a bright smile 😃 He was so incredibly helpful! Great experience, great costumer service and great feed! Thanks guys!


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